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CNP Connect RI Point of Sale (POS) eDirect Claim component was developed in order to resolve daily enrollment, attendance, and eligibility meal count discrepancies that occur across various District/RIDE systems that contain and share these data. The local Student Information Systems (SIS) are the primary source of this data. However, the various SA and LEA systems compile this information from the SIS at different "moments in time" for different reasons. The only systems that communicate with the SIS every day are the POS systems that manage the school lunch lines. We have successfully piloted and certified seven POS school districts that communicate their daily meal count information directly into the CNP Connect RI  system. We are in the process of certifying all of the remaining districts that have deployed POS systems in Rhode island. During the certification of the seven pilot districts, we determined that if the SIS and the POS communicate school meal eligibility data, they can also communicate enrollment and attendance information. Our strategy is to instruct the district to send SIS aggregate enrollment and eligibility data to the POS daily in addition to student eligibility information. This daily aggregate enrollment and eligibility information would be then transmitted to CNP Connect RI with the daily meal count information. The CNP Connect RI  Claiming component will now have the enrollment and attendance data to validate the meal counts against this information. More importantly, there will now be a storage folder that will have the eligibility, enrollment, attendance, and meal count information for each school day - "all of the viable moments in time".
The long term vision is for every Rhode Island school to have a local SIS that communicates  eligibility, enrollment, and attendance data daily to its POS system that  so that meal counts can be validated on a daily basis. When the electronic final claim submission is submitted to CNP Connect RI  by the district, the CNP Connect RI claim framework will be able to accept, validate, and approve the claim and electronically send it to the state financial system where it will be processed for reimbursement. More importantly, not only can the claiming cycle be reduced to a few days (with any luck the next day), all local and state agency education systems in the state of Rhode Island will be enriched with accurate enrollment, attendance, eligibility, and school nutrition program information. This information will be collected, communicated and stored daily from its source location.
Once the CNP Connect RI has stored this information, its Reporting Wizard framework and the Business Intelligence components will produce traditional report listings and more modern stratified Business intelligence data that can be broken down in seconds and reported via tables and graphs on CNP Connect RI dashboards.

We feel that the benefits that POS eDirect will provide are to:

    Track all changes to student information, meal status, prepayments and transactions;
    Transfer student account data from the district office to the serving line instantly;
    Provide the schools and districts with a complete audit trail;
    Generate State & Federal reports;
    Prevent over claiming of meals served by providing accurate meal counts;
    Computerized point of sale reduces theft and human error;
    Prevent overt identification for Free & Reduced students
    Track number of items sold at each serving line;
    Increase time to eat with faster serving line time.
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    Infinite Campus






    REG (Custom Application)








    Figure 1 is a profile of the Rhode Island District Student Information System (SIS) vendors that we work with to determine the best way to communicate aggregate daily enrollment and attendance counts with the daily student school meal eligibility information. 


    Figure 1

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