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The Electronic Notepad framework will enable CACFP administrative review users to insert electronic notes that will be attached to the current workflow process step. These notes will provide explanations, instructions, and/or reminders for the person conducting the administrative review, CNP management, RIDE CNP program or finance staff, and/or state/federal auditors that may want to document a question, comment, or  request regarding that specific workflow process step.

The Event Management Transparency function uses event management data stored in the CNP database and uses current analytical tools that stratify data by organizing it into groupings that can be measured by categories and sub categories. This resulting data can now be broken down in ways that reveal operational bottlenecks that cause time delays and the attendant increases in expenses, errors and staff stress levels.  Exposing these bottlenecks and process anomalies (where are they are, what conditions cause them, how long they last, etc) is the first step in remediating the identified problems by re-engineering workflow and addressing the process anomalies, as necessary. As usual, CACFP will be the initial program where the frameworks for the other programs are developed. 

Notepad filters and list capabilities will be developed and will be launched via context-sensitive launch "Details" buttons placed in Administrative Review component. In the SAE Reallocation we will request funding to add the eNotepad framework to the Agreement and Claiming components.

eSnack Calculator

The Smart eSnack Calculator, will leverage upon the web service framework design to allow “public”, instant access to a new tool that will formulate (based on a series of questions and data provided by the user) a nutritional determination in “real-time” if the snack/food item or beverage in question is compliant with the USDA Smart Snack and any state level standards as stated in General Law and Nutrition requirements if applicable.

eMail Broadcast

An eMail Broadcast plugin was added to the electronic Notepad enabling Agency level users the ability to define and store "Listserv"-type mail groups in order to broadcast notes and or emails that contain alerts, notifications,  and other type of subject matter conditions that require broadcast capability.


eChange Management

The Agreement Packet - Change Management process was added to the annual Agreement Version Control framework. This new process will provide authorized users, CNP program and finance staff, Sponsor Site staff, Management, and Federal/State audit staff with the ability to launch an Agreement menu for a specific Sponsor/Site, select any electronic agreement page, view the page's Tracking # drop down list, select the desired tracking version, and select the "Show Changes"  button.


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