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eChange Management

The Agreement Packet - Change Management process was added to the annual Agreement Version Control framework. This new process will provide authorized users, CNP program and finance staff, Sponsor Site staff, Management, change-managemen btnt03and Federal/State audit staff with the ability to launch an Agreement menu for a specific Sponsor/Site, select any electronic agreement page, view the page's Tracking # drop down list, select the desired tracking version, and select the "Show Changes"  button.

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Once Show Changes is clicked a “Profile” of the all before and after values of any data items that changed in the selected version , i.e. additions, modifications, deletions are shown highlighted in yellow. These item are presented in an easy-to-read,  printer friendly  web page. In addition, the user will view who made the modification(s), when they were made (Date/Time), who accepted the change(s), and who authorized the change(s).




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