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Web Cow has a long history of delivering web-based solutions for a wide variety of disciplines but has specialized its subject matter expertise in the development of Federal, State and Local k-12 Education, Childhood Nutrition, Event Management, and Compliance Monitoring products. Many government agencies face the same challenges of collecting information from multiple sources, reviewing it for content accuracy, and creating storage mechanisms on top of the array of systems that have been implemented using various iterations of information technology. To compound upon the issue, the ability to share data both internally and externally is currently accomplished by way of silo/stovepipe systems, COTS systems, batch transfers, manual reentry of the same data, and reports and E-mail transfers of reconstituted information stored in spreadsheets. To address this shortcoming, Web Cow proudly offers a robust framework driven, fully integrated web based nutrition Management Information System (MIS) software suite referred to as the CNP Solution

Following is a description of the high level features, or Products, that are provided within the CNP Solution;

CNP eGateway

CNP Connect

EDC Connect

FFVP Connect

POS Connect

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