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Mission Statement

We at Web-Cow feel we can bring not only sound technical, managerial and project oversight expertise in any field but also a proven track record of delivering high quality streamlining and modernization initiatives to achieve system transparency of processes, accuracy of data, fiscal accountability, and Child Nutrition Program sustainability at the district, school, and the Federal and State Agency levels.

Transparency of process is accomplished by electronically recording and completely exposing authorized users to each movement and/or manipulation of data into an Event Management system component as it passes through the CNP system workflow steps. These new events are time stamped, stored, tracked, analyzed for anomalies, and the results of the log is made available to authorized users via report wizards and dashboard web pages.

Accuracy of Data is accomplished by ensuring that data is validated at the source point of data entry, by implementing rigorous edit rules to prevent invalid data from leaving the data entry location and being accepted by the CNP system.

Fiscal accountability is accomplished by making sure that the movement of data from collection to reimbursement is controlled, clear and clean, without unauthorized manipulation from the sponsor food line to the SA , from the SA reimbursement request to the state DOA, and from the state DOA  EFT reimbursement back to the sponsor.

Sustainability is accomplished by reengineering and consolidating operational processes into simplified, electronically managed workflow and reporting wizards that enable new CNP staff to quickly and easily learn to proficiently use the system. Sustainability is also accomplished by using modern information technology methodologies that enable the system to be user friendly, easily maintainable, extensible (able to quickly incorporate new features), and transferable (to other education state agencies).


Our  goal is to move as many processes as possible into the CNP Solution in order make the administration processes transparent, its fiscal management accountable and both of them sustainable that is to say, all process steps and data are recorded and observed by the system, financial data is electronically balanced and cross-checked, all data movements are managed by their specific business rules, tracked and stored electronically as events, reported in a manner that they can be seen in real time by users and auditors with the proper authority, and finally analyzed to assess outcomes using business intelligence analytical tools.

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